Hey there!

I'm FeliceSkye, Chief Creator Doer, Head Dreams Cheerleader & Superpower Strategist. Thank you so much for stopping by and showing me some love! 

My website will be a hub for all my creative endeavors and a place to showcase a few things going on in my world as I make my journey growing and glowing through Creator Doerdom.


My story probably looks a lot like yours. I grew up curious and passionate about many things. The world told me I needed to focus on one thing. I was not having that and I'm still not! LOL. Doing so still makes me feel like I'm trying to be someone or something that I'm not.

I've  started a lot of things. Finished those that were part of a bigger picture I saw myself in. A lot of those unfinished things that I find myself still in love with gratify me more and more each time I revisit them. They have the beautiful option of never quite being finished or mastered and that fuels and heals me. I simply do them for the love.


Sometimes I would let what the world tries to tell me creep in and sour my experience. Causing me to get distracted being or doing something I'm not. Adulterating my love.

I had to embrace that part of me that has so many facets, interests, and gifts and wear it like a badge of honor because it has allowed me to live a full, beautiful life. 

I love being me. That person that knows a little about a lot or knows how to do all kinds of  stuff or can give you some random  fact. My friends, family, and clients can count on me to either already know or eagerly find out about something that they need help with. That's one of my many superpowers. You probably have that one too. Or maybe you have something entirely different that you save the day with. I know you do:)

It is my prayer that visiting my site has inspired you to tap into your superpowers and create or do something dope today. We all are Creator Doers with unique gifts and dreams that the world needs. So spread your dopeness like sunshine darlin' and change the world!


To inspire & empower others to create what they love & to do what matters most.


About FeliceSkye

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FeliceSkye is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. She is a creator of words, visuals, melodies, and movements, as well as a doer the things that help change the world. 


FeliceSkye’s background as a classically trained actor, poet, artist educator, self-taught beat-maker and visual artist, with over 20 years in the beauty industry as a hair stylist and makeup artist, lends to her breadth of knowledge and expertise. 


After battling mysterious illnesses that threatened her creative future for six years, FeliceSkye was finally diagnosed with Scleroderma and Rheumatoid Arthritis. By this time, their effects ravaged her joints and deformed her hands. Though setbacks arose, she was determined to continue to create what she loved. For FeliceSkye, creating is love. It is the heartbeat of her life. And creating through disability is her superpower.


FeliceSkye loves coaching creatives and creative wannabes to channel their passions and gifts into multiple streams of income to create a life that they love which enables them to do what matters most. She is not only a coach, but head cheerleader for your dreams.


If you are looking to get unstuck and move past the limitations that stifle your best creative life, drop her a line. She’d love to hear from you.