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BESt Summer Pharmacy Graduates perform "I Am A Changer" by FeliceSkye

So, one of my dreams is for others to find value in my work and want to share my words with others. That dream came true yesterday when my poem "I Am A Changer" was performed by BESt Summer Pharmacy Institute Class of 2015. Long-time friend and colleague Harlan Hodge teaches in the program and asked me to coach one of the students, Darlena Glenn, on a specific literary project the class had just started. Because of our schedules, I had the pleasure of doing this coaching over the phone and hadn't officially met her in person until I surprised her and her classmates by attending the graduation. And trust me, they were surprised!

I really enjoyed talking with the graduates about their experiences in the program and meeting with their instructors and program directors Dr. Isaac Butler and Dr. Steven Player. I was deeply moved that by the entire class' participation in breathing life into my words. The message of my poem and that of the keynote speaker, Dr. Arnold Bullock were in perfect alignment. I commend those students, as nervous as they were, for standing up in front of their friends and family and affirming the proclamation of change.


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