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FeliceSkye : Officially A Dope Poet

A few days ago I participated in the Dope Poet Tourney at UrbArts. To many people's surprise this was my first time competing in a Slam being that I've been performing my poetry since 1999. It was such an awesome experience. I admit, I was a little nervous because I'd never had my work "judged" before this. I gave it my best shot and I did pretty well too!

The first night I was the highest scoring poet, and paired with my scoring/ranking for the second night I was able to move on to the finals with a ranking in the top five. Yay me!! I completed two out of three rotations and couldn't be more proud of myself going head-to-head with the likes of Greg The Poet, Sahara SistaSols, Chris Ware and EmCee and made the team! St. Louis has some pretty awesome poets that I admire and to compete with them and make it on a team with them is beyond amazing.

I'm looking forward to becoming a better writer and performer and to be able to collaborate with the rest of the Dope Poets (UrbIllDialects) team. Hope to see you at the next slams that happen every 1st Friday of the month at UrbArts. Hey and if you can't make it to all of them you can keep track of our progress with the SLAM! Rankings Tracker. Either way, I hope to see you soon!!

Much love, many blessings!


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