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FeliceSkye Recognized For Her Support & Dedication To UrbArts

One would usually be quite embarrassed to be in the ladies room while their name is being called to perform, but not me. All I could do is laugh as I struggled with the tissue dispenser! I had just been asked to fill in for an artist that didn't show just moments before I went to the loo. I didn't think I'd be called up so soon. I scurry out the bathroom, still drying my hands with a paper towel and while quietly taking my seat my seat, I grin and blush at my tablemates, Artist William Bristol and Activist Kristian Blackmon.

In my absence, Spit-Fire calls Aireez DaRychuss to the stage and he marvels us with a few musical selections. When he finishes, I perform and later I am called back up to receive my award for my support and dedication to the organization that means so much to me. I sing the praises of UrbArts founder and close friend, MK Stallings mentioning that his support and dedication to artists in the community is why I'm here. I am thankful for the opportunity to add my time and efforts to UrbArts as we celebrate 15 years of service. I am looking forward to lending my support in the years to come because I believe in what UrbArts is doing for our youth, artists like, me and the community.

Have you experienced UrbArts? If so, leave a message in the comments below and tell us about your experience. If you haven't, I'd still love to hear from you. There is so much good going on there and maybe I could meet you out one day.

Much love, many blessings,


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