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FeliceSkye to host Second Tuesdays' "I Live Here" | July 12

This Month's Theme: I LIVE HERE

A night of storytelling about race, class, power and poverty

Second Tuesdays is partnering with the amazing folks at St. Louis Public Radio's podcast, We Live Here, and the nonprofit Urb Arts.

We Live Here has spent just over a year gathering and telling stories about people in the St. Louis region dealing with issues of race, class, poverty and power. This summer, we’re handing the microphones over to the community for the theme I LIVE HERE: Stories about race, class, power, and poverty. Stories about the time you first felt that you belonged. Stories about community.

This is not an open-mic storytelling event - storytellers have been chosen in advance and have prepared their stories to share with you.

Since we only have a limited number of seats, please REGISTER (for free) here in advance:

Doors 6:30 and we're gonna start at 7:00 sharp y'all - get there early for a drink!



Second Tuesdays is a monthly storytelling get-together on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-9:00pm. We start at 7:15 on the dot, but we recommend arriving at 7pm to get a drink and a seat! Our mic is open and we warmly welcome your spontaneity – but we like to have a few folks lined up in advance, so let us know if you’re interested in sharing that witty, tragic, uncanny tale you've been thinking about, and we’ll put you in the line-up. Shoot us an e-mail ( to get yourself in the line-up.

We hold Second Tuesdays at a different location every month to suggest a venue. We ask for a $0-$5 donation - it will go towards a gift to a local nonprofit organization that works to promote creative expression and community-building.

Contact Second Tuesday at

Follow us on Twitter! @secondtuesdays

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