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HEALINaire - New Book by FeliceSkye Releasing Soon!

HEALINaire is a poetic collaborative of women with various backgrounds, yet share a similar experience. We have each had our share of joys, pains, transformations, and everything in between. Consequently, we all started healing journeys at different times, but our paths have led us to the same conclusion. The richness we seek is really in healing to live a life of happiness, peace, and continued creativity. We have each invested in our richness of healing and encourage you to do the same. Being wealthy is a mindset and many of us strive for that, yet few want to experience richness in our souls and spirits. Start your personal journey of healing as you read our own paths. We continue to deposit positive affirmations and do the inner work required to have the true wealth our hearts desire.

About the Authors:

Keya McClain is the author of three part series “The Healing Poetic Expression Series” as well as best selling #BossMoms, e-book She Poetically Pens It: How to Get What You Deserve and co-author of Beauty of Color A Poetry and Prose Collection. She is owner of Keya’s Coaching, LLC where she teaches potential authors on how to self-publish their work. She is a speaker, podcast host of The Healing Poetic Podcast, poet and coach.

Visit or follow her on Instagram @keyamclainpoet

FeliceSkye is a multi-faceted visual, literary, and performing artist. She is an award-winning actress, poet, playwright, teaching artist and life coach. Her debut collection of poetry, LOVEPOWER MIXTAPE vol. 1: Relativity, scratched the surface of her depth as a poet, performer, artist and music maker. Passionate about personal growth, artistic expression, travel, and community engagement, FeliceSkye's mission is to spread love and empowerment through her work in hopes to inspire others to live their best creative lives. When she is not planning her next adventure, she is creating some type of art and plotting how to use her art to make a difference in the world.

Find out more about her on Instagram @feliceskye and at

Monique ‘MoBetta’ Catlett is a four time published poet, spoken word performer, columnist and movie critic who has interviewed highly revered talents like Andy Garcia and Kevin Hart. As a self proclaimed lover of all art forms, Monique has blossomed into an insightful and witty creative writer, with a healthy and well rounded sense of humor. On stage, she is known as PassionatePen, a name that encompasses her intent to be transparent by sharing her personal experiences through rhyme, reason and word play. Her social media presence Monique KnowMoBetta further extends her commitment to transparency through her willingness to share relatable life events, expose injustices, and explore taboos with her followers. “When we KNOW (self) better, we DO (self) better” is the mantra of this multifaceted influencer.

Get to know Mobetta: mobetta_chronicles@IG / MoBettaSpeaks@FB / MoniqueKnowMobetta@FB

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