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Invisible No More Celebrates 5yrs- FeliceSkye's Art On View Mar. 3 - 31

I'm SO proud and honored to be one of the exhibiting artists for Invisible No More's 5yr anniversary curated and founded by Kristian Blackmon. Kristian says, "Invisible No More was created to combat how Women of Color are treated in society. We are often overlooked, omitted and ostracized in times of chaos, crisis and despair. We are often voiceless amongst not just our white counterparts but with men and women of our same ethnic group and demographic as well. The oppressed become the oppressors and the victims become the victimizers. I wish to raise awareness of these issues through forums,media and the arts. Not only is this movement being activated to raise awareness but to uplift, empower, and strengthen ALL women to know that they have a voice and will be INVISIBLE.NO.MORE."

In the past, I have lent my voice as a poet, but this is the first time I will contribute visual art as well. Other featured artists include, Roland Burrow, Holly Roe, Dale Chambers and more. I will also be one of the featured performers for the closing reception on March 26 alongside the women of the 2017 UrbSlam team, Cheeraz Gorman, and Poetic Slang. Each artist and poet, lending it's own monologue in the narrative of women's empowerment, truly compliments Kristian's vision.

Come check us out at UrbArts, 2600 N. 14th St., St. Louis, MO 63106 and purchase tickets here. Follow me on Instagram to check out my latest pics!

Hope to see you there!


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