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Virtual Book Release for HEALINaire | Nov. 22

Join us on November 22, 2020 1:30pm-3:00pm for a LIVE virtual book release of our highly anticipated book HEALINaire with visionary author Keya McClain, and co-authors FeliceSkye and Monique ‘MoBetta’ Catlett.

The authors will discuss how this project came about and read excerpts from the book.

🚨SAVE $5 INSTANTLY when you purchase both the book and virtual book release admission🚨

HEALINaire is a poetic collaborative of women with various backgrounds, yet share a similar experience. We have each had our share of joys, pains, transformations, and everything in between. Consequently, we all started healing journeys at different times, but our paths have led us to the same conclusion. The richness we seek is really in healing to live a life of happiness, peace, and continued creativity. We have each invested in our richness of healing and encourage you to do the same. Being wealthy is a mindset and many of us strive for that, yet few want to experience richness in our souls and spirits. Start your personal journey of healing as you read our own paths. We continue to deposit positive affirmations and do the inner work required to have the true wealth our hearts desire.

Get $5 off when you purchase your book and event ticket in advance. Click HERE to purchase today.

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